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     Rubber stable mats,rubber stable mat manufacturer.Rubber stable mats has a good product performance, product quality, and can be used for a long time, durability, higher than the general products, particularly suitable for pasture, the racecourse, pen and other places.Nowadays, many cow or horses living in one room is common, so rubber stable mats by piece is not suitable, some famers want to buy mats by roll, which can pave a lot and can cut them on your purpose. When the rubber mats are dirty, what need you do is just clean them with water.When it is cold, the mats can keep warm for the animals on them.Also, we put one layer of cloth in the mats, its service life will be much longer, and its strength increases a lot. The round dot in the surface can comfort animals.
Interlocking rubber stable mats: 
1.With moderate hardness, endure moderate pressure, good toughness, elasticity, anti-impact and abrasion resistance, ageing resistance, and anti-slip performance.      
2.Using widely in the livestock stables, walking area, machines’floor, tailgate ramp.     
3.Easy to clean, it creates a secure and satisfy environment for the animal. 
4.Textured surface for improved grip.
5.Provides additional warmth and insulation.
6.Groove underside for effective drainage.
The COBBLE top rubber stable matting is an ideal heavy duty rubber matting useful in horse box trailers, on ramps and for heavy traffic applications.
The effective cobble pattern helps provide an anti-slip top surface which has also proven usefull in dampening vibration. Cobble is easy to clean and maintain with a high grip textured underside for extra hold.
Available in 2m x 5m x 10mm it often requires no adhesive due to its weight and size.
Water proof and wear resistant stable mat
Quality requirements: 
rubber stable mats surface and back do not have cracks, lack of glue, mucous membranes, pinholes and other phenomena,.When vulcanized,do not have delamination, bubbles, fold the mat and use the foot to tread,they do not broken, the edge of the mat must be neat, surface must be clean. 
Cow mattress tensile strength ≥ 4Mpa, elongation ≥ 200%, 25% change in tensile strength, Tearing elongation at 35%, thickness tolerance ± 0.5mm, specific gravity 1.5, hardness 60-70
     Why use rubber stable mats?
     Dirt floors are difficult to manage and keep clean. Digging out "problem areas" is a constant nuisance. Rubber Stable Mats eliminate "digging" by giving you an even floor that provides stress-relieving qualities for your horse while reducing cleaning time. No more digging out wet spots. A small amount of bedding used in conjunction with the mats absorb the wet spots on top of the mat, allowing you to clean nearly 100% of waste and odor.Concrete floors are easy to clean, but are uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time, even for humans. Large amounts of bedding are required to offer the cushioning support needed for the horse. Stall Mats are easily installed over a concrete floor. Their soft, durable surface allows maximum support and traction for your animals. It reduces the amount of stress on your horse's legs, back, and muscles while standing, and at the same time offers you a floor that is easily cleaned.With Stall Mats, the amount of bedding needed is dramatically reduced. The stable mats provide all of the cushioning support the horse needs, making it necessary to keep only enough bedding to absorb the urine. In turn, your daily maintenance costs will be reduced up to 50%, saving both time and money.
Why select our rubber stable mat products?
1,We are the professional manufacture with many years of export experience,knowing clients` need, reacting fast to the new requirement,ensuring the quality and delivery time.
2,OEM service provided.
3,Samples free:We supply the samples upon special requirement for free. New clients are expected to bear the freight,this charge will be deducted from formal order.
Reliable products in reasonable prices would be helpful for the business, thank you!

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