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     We are specialized in manufacturing high performance rubber sheets made of NR,SBR,CR,NBR,EPDM,CSM,Viton,Silicone, etc. Our rubber sheets are made according to the client’s specification. Rubber sheet,rubber sheet flooring,rubber sheeting.Characteristics of rubber sheet products can be customized according to customer requirements.Rubber floor mats, rubber tiles, generally volumes sales, but also can be sliced.Color pattern more choices.Used for the factory floor, laboratory and other large establishments.These sheets offer durability, safety and strength. We produce rubber sheets product in various size and patterns. The rubber sheets produced by us are used in variant applications like flooring purpose, dampers, belts and bumpers. 
We manufacture and stock vivid types of rubber sheets:
Natural Rubber Sheet: High flexibility, good comprehensive physical mechanic performance. 
SBR Rubber Sheet: Better wear-resistant and anti-aging function than NR, low prices. 
Neoprene Rubber Sheet: Good climate resistant, ozone proof, hot resistance and chemical resistant. 
NBR Rubber Sheet: Good oil-resistant, wear-resistant and anti-aging. 
EPDM Rubber Sheet: Good anti-aging, ozone proof, polar liquid resistant, good electric performance, lightest rubber. 
Butyl Rubber Sheet: Low permeability, good anti-aging. 
Sillicon Rubber Sheet: Excellent oil and fats resistance and for high temperatureup to 260. High resistant one can reach to 250-270 C. 
Viton Rubber Sheet: For high temperature up to 300 C.
Product: rubber sheet 
Specification: 1-80mmx2000mm
Performance: With middle pressure, good water proof, anti shock and sealing performance
Density: 1.6g/Cm3
Tensile strength: >3.0MPa
Hardness: 75shoreA
Elongation: >200%
Work temperature: -30-70C
Application: Punching seals
1.no joins,easy to clean,reduce chance of injury,anti-slip.  
2.Manufactured from recyled rubber,produced by drum type vulcanizing machine,no junction,shaped through one process procedure,fresh luster and no pollutions
3.Round dot rubber sheet can work in normal temperature environment. They are water proof, sliding proof and with no juncture.
4.Raised stud surface reduce slip for safety
5.Designed to protect floor surface and give handsome
Ideal for walkway require sound absorption and Heavy traffic pleaces
The application of this kind of product is very wide,they can be applied to the decoration and pavement of table,ground and walkway in the hotel,gymnasium,meeting room,airport,port,shipping and vehicles;Hallways,corridors,high traffic areas,behind retail counters.They also can be used as the material for working table and ground decorations used in hotels, natatoriums, auditoria, airports, ports, ships and vehicles.
Why select our rubber sheet products
1,We are the professional manufacture with many years of export experience,knowing clients` need, reacting fast to the new requirement,ensuring the quality and delivery time.
2,OEM service provided.
3,Samples free:We supply the samples upon special requirement for free. New clients are expected to bear the freight,this charge will be deducted from formal order.
Reliable products in reasonable prices would be helpful for the business, thank you!

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