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     Rubber Matting is comprised of all types of rubber mats,rubber entrance mats,anti-slip rubber mats,anti-fatigue rubber mats,rubber gym mats,rubber stable mats,rubber kitchen mats... Our factory is located in Jiaonn Economic and Technical Deelopment Zone. It's close t Qingdao Port and Expressway.We have been working hard at studying market and continuously carrying out new rubber mats product.The rubber clean area mats prevent contaminants from entering sterile facilities.Our rubber comfort mats covered with cutting fluids in industrial locations, rubber kitchen mats caked with grease and oils in restaurant kitchens or rubber gym mats taking abuse from heavy weights and equipment in fitness facilities. Our rubber message mats help highlight important safety information;
     1The rubber mat keep your employees comfortable;
     2.Single workstation mat has a hidden interlocking system designed to connect on all four sides making it perfect for covering large areas.
     3.Uses: Wet, dry and greasy areas, as kitchen, workshop, playground, garden
     4.Compounds:  Common,Grease Resistant - Natural rubber,Grease Proff- Nitrile Rubber
     5.Colors: Common-Black, Grease Proof-Red,Grey.
     6.We have a high level research and development team which develops new products according to your requirements
     7.Comfort Deck is a premier, heavy-duty anti-fatigue mat. Ideal for areas where water, grease and oil spills are common.

     We present Rubber Hollow Matts that are amongst the most commonly used among the rubber mat range. Quality rubber goes into the manufacturing of our mats like Rubber Hollow Mats, Anti Slip Rubber Mats, Ring Hollow Mats, Ring Door Mats that results in increasing its work life and durability.Working on the Sea is a high-risk work, perennial deck of the ship by sun exposure, sea erosion, often slippery deck of the ship status, people walk on, easy to slip, slip, which seamen and staff is a potential threat .We produce rubber mats marine deck of the ship, the ship's deck with a non-slip rubber pad with good corrosion resistance. Wear-resistant characteristics, not only can effectively protect the boat deck surface, more increase the friction, play a non-slip, anti-fatigue effect, for the safety of the crew work has played a good role.Our production boat deck cushions, made of natural rubber, nitrile rubber, SBR, long life, high degree of resistance to aging.
     Our Mat is a multipurpose rubber anti-fatigue mats and anti-slip mats, offering a non-slip surface and superb cushioning between hard surfaces and the balls of your feet. It is also ideal for wash down areas, field shelters and muddy gateways.The lightweight design makes this an easy product to handle and maintain and has flat edges on each side. This allows a number to be placed side by side and secured using cable ties and fixed using specifically designed pegs. Suitable for wet or dry areas and resistant to moulds and mildews.Children find it hard to play and have fun outside without getting muddy!This amazing product that is simple yet effective is our answer to this problem!This means you can lay our mats around Playground Equipment and not have to worry about breaking any health and Safety Laws. Each mat is a massive 1500mm x 1000mm x 23mm thick! They cover 1.5m2 ,which is more than other products on the market.The mats are made out of high quality recycled rubber! Why not do your bit for the environment while protecting your children!Much Much Cheaper than any other Safety Surface on the market, and much much easier to install!

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