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Handling room rubber mats

  Product Description
Handling room rubber mats,Anti Fatigue rubber mats, Comfortable Rubber Mats, Anti Slipping Rubber mats, Antislip work safe rubber mat. Oil resistant rubber Mats.
Material: NR, SBR, NBR 
Size: GM0406 1524*914*12mm
          GM0415 1450*850*8  mm 
          GM0407  914*914*12 mm
Color: Blck, red, brown. Green 

Weather resistance 
Acid and alkali resistance 
Easy cleaning 

Top cushion surface helps prevent breakage of dropped articles. 
Large drainage holes allow liquid and debris to flow through the mat keeping surfaces dry and clean, eliminating all possibilities of micro organism growth. 
Light weight and smaller sections for easier handling and cleaning 

Qingdao Guangneng offers a wide array of rubber mats available for use in many environments. Whether you are looking for commercial mats for work settings or residential floor mats for private use, we can be your one stop low cost mat supply. Our main rubber mat categories are gym matting, barn and pet care mats, anti fatigue mats, entrance mats, and kitchen mats. So what types of rubber floor mats are right for you? Well when safety, anti-slip qualities, and comfort are a concern in commercial and industrial environments, we recommend checking out our huge selection of anti-fatigue mats. When you are most concerned about keeping an area clean and dry, our broad array of entrance mats are a great choice. And finally for those people who are in need of mats for food service environments that can provide fatigue relief and safety during prolonged periods of standing, our kitchen mats our ideal as a floor covering. Rubber mats for use in home and commercial gyms are also available and work well under exercise equipment. Finally, we also offer a broad array of inexpensive rubber mats for use in barns as horse stall or foaling mats as well as in dog kennels.

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