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oil containment booms



Oil containment booms,Pvc Oil Booms,rubber oil booms, Fireproofing Booms,

OEM service 
10years export experience 
ISO9001 EN1177 
Super-quality oil-resistant 
High-strength pvc cloth

Solid float PVC boom is fabricated with bright-colored high-strength PVC cloth with good oil resistance, sunlight.

Description of Products
In addition to the functions of an ordinary oil booms,namely ,the interception and control of spilled oil and making preparations for its removal,the fireproofing boom is to be used to tackle buring spilled oil or running fire on the water surface so as to prevent it from spreading,particularly suitable for use in those sensible areas with a higher level of fire-fighting requirements,such as oil barbors,oil wharfs,oil drilling platforms.It can also be used for towing spilled oil to a proper site to burn it out.

Features of Fireproofing Boom: 
Stainless steel floats,flexible materials with a maximum working temperature of 1000°C and universal quick connectors forming a fire-fighting system above the water surface.able to use in series connection with various ordinary booms
Thermo-fixation of two layers of high-strength fabric coated with super-quality oil-resistant,aging-resistant fire-retardant rubber-forming the submerged skirt with higher strength and anti-aging capability.
Stainless steel cable,strengthing ribbons and encapsulated ballast chain,located respectively on boom's top,waist and bottom forming a robust system to withstand pulling forces,with a succince structure.
Being used repeatedly

inflatable rubber boom

Inflatable curtain boom has a large air buoyancy chamber floating on water

1. Inflatable curtain boom has a large air buoyancy chamber floating
on water with two layers of fabric coated with neoprene on its outer
• 2. Buoyancy chamber diameters ranging from 100mm to 850mm.
• 40% of the boom is above the water and 60% below.
• The larger the buoyancy chamber and underwater skirt depth the
rougher the
• sea conditions in which the boom can function..
• 3. Hydraulic power pack, air blower and boom reel with brakes are
fixed in the container. To operate conveniently, the container can be
opened from both front and back two doors. We can supply cleaner
or other fittings if the customers need them.
• 4. The auxiliary equipment including bridle, towing bridles and
anchor point, can be supplied if customers need them.

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