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  Oil boom is important equipment that was adapted for use on the sea or other water to control oil spill. It is specially adapted for permanent installation on open seas, bays, harbors and docks. It can be used in oil spill response.
Solid float PVC boom is fabricated with bright-colored high-strength PVC cloth with good oil resistance, sunlight.
1.      Solid float PVC boom is fabricated with bright-colored high-strength PVC cloth with good oil resistance, sunlight and a long service time.
2.      Solid floats with greater reserve of buoyancy, vertical stability and oil resistance.
The belt body solid float type PVC oil boom is produced with double coat orange PVC high strength cloth, which oil resistance, lightfast. It has the performance of big reserve of the buoyancy and vertical stability.
The solid rubber boom is made of double strength synthetic fiber cloth which is covered with good quality synthetic rubber. It is oil-resisting, wear-resisting, seawater-resisting, and ultraviolet ray ageing-resisting. The unique configuration of floats has great buoyancy reserve, and high intensity and stability. Universal connectors make quick and reliable connection impossible.
The body of solid float type rubber oil boom using high strength synthetic fiber cloth, and the surface covering with high quality synthetic rubber which has the advantage of aging, seawater, oil resistance, etc. It can be long-term fixed installation, reduce maintenance. Floating body using polyethylene material box in the inner wall and stuffed with PU foaming installed in the belt body, only bolt fixed, so it is easy to repair, and can remove from the belt body cleaning. The connection of connector is Zigzag type.
Inflatable rubber boom is made of double strength synthetic rubber. it is oil-resisting, wear-resisting .seawater-resisting and ultraviolet ray old-resisting and ultraviolet ray old-resisting.
Special valve make filling air quickly, and it is with virtue airtight.
Between the chambers have elastic poles that make sure highness both above and under the water preventing wave over and used successfully.
Tensile Balance Chain make sure effective when the boom gets the convenient to guide spilt oil and to be cleaned.
A fully symmetric boom both of the sides can be used, and used successfully.
Smooth surface of the boom is convenient to guide spilt oil and to be clean.
The oil skimmer
The oil absorption machine is a light weight, efficient recovery oil spilt equipment. It consists of the oil skimmer which floating in water, the power station which in shore or the ship and the pipeline which connect each other. The use of its range is very wide, and you choose different type of machine, can use different areas of oil spill recovery, such as sea, rivers, lakes, pool.
1. The recycled fuel, lubricating oil, vegetable, low viscosity oil, and oil recovery rate is high.
2. The content of free moisture in recycling oil is low (the best conditions can be up to 3-5%).
3. Draft shallow, easy moved by wave.
4. Light weight, easy to mobilize, and is suitable for oil spill emergency response.
1. The main part of oil skimmer is made of the aluminum alloy, stainless steel.
2. Float box is sealing and filling foam, and buoyancy is stable and reliable, and has a high ability damage.
3. Elastic scrape of oil, it can automatic compensation the space with the skimmer.
4. Power types can choose electric or diesel power
5. Hydraulic transmission is strong and reliable, endless speed.
6. Remove the convenient maintenance.

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