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rubber flooring for commercial use

Time:2014-03-19 Editor:rubber-mat.net


Rubber flooring adhesives and rubber particles and toxic pollution pigments, by molding thermoset molding , according to production needs of different thickness , density and color. Common basic specifications for 500 × 500mm, thickness 15-25mm ,25-50mm, color red, green, blue , gray, black etc..
     Product Features :
1, the product compression , impact resistance, friction coefficient, elastic, shock slip , strong protective properties.
2 , weather resistance, good heat resistance, good UV resistance, can be used normally in the range of -40 ° -100 ° , which can meet the needs of different places .
3, good water resistance , easy to clean surface , good maintenance.
4 , absolute resistance , heat insulation, sound insulation , anti-static , flame retardant ( self-extinguishing ) , safety factor .
5 , non-toxic , non-irritating to humans , pollution , mildew, no microbial growth .
6 , specifications and diverse , rich colors, not reflective, beautiful finishes , a variety of patterns can be freely combined .
1 , sports venues : the stadium , martial arts hall, police training ground.
2 , leisure and entertainment : children's playground , gym, elderly activity center , martial arts , dance room, bath center , swimming pool shore.
3 , public places : kindergartens, nurseries , parks, railway stations, shopping malls and other places need to slip .
4, the workplace : power plants, substations and power distribution room, laboratory, computer room , conference room , library and other needs silencer or anti electrically insulating places.
5, the construction of buildings : office buildings, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, corridors, residential areas , outdoor event plaza .
6 , construction convenient, then laying adhesives available , can be laid directly .


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