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rubber floor mat

Time:2015-09-11 Editor:rubber-mat.net


Round floating - point rubber floor
600*600MM 500*500MM SIZE:1000*1000MM
Features: environmental protection, safety, anti-skid, wear-resistant, resistant to burning cigarette butts, silencing
Application areas: education, health, sports, finance, transportation, industry, business systems. Performance characteristics: the homogeneous structure, more wear-resistant, long life, does not contain PVC ingredients, safety and environmental protection. Resilient floor, with comfortable feeling. Good anti slip performance, beautiful and safe. A variety of standard colors to choose, more customizable colors.
Construction profile:
Construction condition:
1 to the shop floor to smooth, firm, do not crack. Does not meet the requirements of the ground can be pre laid self leveling
2 cement ground not from sand.
3 woody ground stress
4 fully dry not damp ground
5 to remove the dust on the ground, mud, grease, paint and other surface treatment agent.
24 floor should be placed in the construction site for more than 6 hours, to ensure that the adaptation to the site temperature.
7 construction site temperature is maintained at 15-25 degrees Celsius, and maintain the same temperature during the construction period and 72 hours after completion.
Use instructions:
First, the construction of the investigation before the site, to avoid the impact of the construction quality and progress
1, to avoid cross construction, water and electricity, air conditioning, doors and windows, ceilings, wall decoration works, the installation of the best time to enter into play.
2, the ground level should reach the construction standard
3, the cement ground intensity should be within C20 from the above without sand, hollowing, cracks
4, the ground water content is not more than 3%, the temperature is not less than 15 degrees Celsius
Two, the installation of attention
1, the ground is clean, can not have soil residue, grease
2, the material should be placed on the site for more than 24-48 hours, so that the memory of the material.
3, check the color and batch consistency
4, according to the product and the environment temperature of the special glue 5
Between, the laying of the sheet should be close to no gap, no need to vigorously squeeze the floor
Three, rubber adhesive
1 double component adhesive 2 single component adhesive 3 universal strong adhesive
Four, cleaning and maintenance
1 washing machine with appropriate amount of water can be washed
2 oil pollution situation using neutral detergent to remove
3 if the pre bright and clean, with special acrylic resin wax.


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