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anti-fatigue rubber flooring mat with disc

Time:2014-03-24 Editor:rubber-mat.net

  Slippery ground on workers' problems are two: one is slippery floor cause friction decreases, an inattentive will slide into the fall , resulting in accidents. The second is the long- standing fatigue in this environment body doubles , thus reducing the work efficiency, but also for the workers body immeasurable damage. Therefore, the use of anti-fatigue mats through hole can solve this problem at the source , not only can evacuate stagnant water discharge small debris , but also reduce standing fatigue resistance, oil pollution , corrosion resistance, easy cleaning , laying and moving , is ground one of the preferred timber hospitals, shopping malls , kitchen , workshop , airports, supermarkets and other special places .
Has significant anti-fatigue function , rubber material, with anti-skid function , bottomless open structure , debris and water can be discharged at the bottom of the flow , add oil material, to ensure its place in the life of the oil , Infinity , from the site , the area and other restrictions.anti-fatigue rubber mats.
There is always some security risks, because the water is not easy to breed bacteria are discharged, the ground slippery slide easily lead, lead to labor disputes. Safety is a non-slip rubber pad is antibacterial gospel rescue these ground. Porous surface can quickly evacuate water, effective antimicrobial, while the foot feeling comfortable rubber pad can be a good sense of exhaustion relieve employees of long standing, comfortable double, to improve their work efficiency.

The  rubber mat matches connectors which is easy to install.


Also, all rubber mats are very easy to clean and carry. So these rubber mat very popular to use in workshop, operating room, hotel, kitchen, corridor, lawn, cow or horse stables and hog house and so on.


effective anti-fatigue mat available in two options:

1. Bubblemat(100% natural rubber)

2. Bubblemat Nitrile


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