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Why use rubber stable mats?

Time:2014-02-21 Editor:rubber-mat.net


Dirt floors are difficult to manage and keep clean. Digging out "problem areas" is a constant nuisance. Stall Mats eliminate "digging" by giving you an even floor that provides stress-relieving qualities for your horse while reducing cleaning time. No more digging out wet spots. A small amount of bedding used in conjunction with the mats absorb the wet spots on top of the mat, allowing you to clean nearly 100% of waste and odor.
Concrete floors are easy to clean, but are uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time, even for humans. Large amounts of bedding are required to offer the cushioning support needed for the horse. Stall Mats are easily installed over a concrete floor. Their soft, durable surface allows maximum support and traction for your animals. It reduces the amount of stress on your horse's legs, back, and muscles while standing, and at the same time offers you a floor that is easily cleaned.
With rubber stable mats, the amount of bedding needed is dramatically reduced. The mats provide all of the cushioning support the horse needs, making it necessary to keep only enough bedding to absorb the urine. In turn, your daily maintenance costs will be reduced up to 50%, saving both time and money.

Product material: environmental protection rubber powder + mineral filling material;
Product use: all kinds of livestock farms (dairy, stables) softball field (app) in the United States.
Product characteristics: the product has a uniform distribution of spherical surface protrusions, prevent slippery massage role: to strip groove under the surface, to increase the friction with the ground, can promptly eliminate wastewater at the same time, maintain the barn to dry. Products with non-slip, anti-static, cold insulation, heat insulation, easy to clean, easy to replace, the characteristics of the sanitation and epidemic prevention. Products without peculiar smell, pressure on the elasticity, durable.
Dot above, the following groove;
Product density: 1.2 g/cm after
Shaw hardness: A65-70
Breaking strength: 11 mpa
Elongation at failure: 100%
Permanent deformation: 5%
Cow mattresses application: apply to the barn, wards, delivery room, and the channel used in cow mattresses will have the following effects:
A, to prevent livestock limb hoof disease, joint disease effect is obvious. Use cow mattresses compared with the use of cement ground, wood floor, the skin disease of cattle, limb hoof disease, joint disease (knee, hocks) a significant reduction in the incidence of diseases such as mastitis.
2, with cow mattresses laid the ground, smooth, clean, comfortable, beautiful and easy, has the very good prevent slippery effect, can avoid the cow slipped and hurt spending and reduce medical costs, at the same time can reduce cows elimination rate, improve the milk yield, improve the economic benefit.
Three, cow mattresses itself on the surface of the elastic with special design, has the health care massage effect to the cow, to avoid fatigue cows standing for a long time.
Four, low input, high return. Cow mattress has the characteristics of good resistance to corrosion resistance to aging, the service life of more than 10 years.
Five, the cow mattresses heat, cold, moisture, can save the expenses of mat grass surface and easy to use, cleaning, welcome by the plants.


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