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Why do the rubber hollow mats have good drainage performance?

Time:2014-03-24 Editor:rubber-mat.net

  Slippery floor causes what ? The first is the water can not be quickly discharged , slippery soles reduces the contact surface friction , resulting in a slipping ; second reason is also the first reason ramifications , poor drainage leads to long-term breeding ground some bacteria and fungi , these microorganisms deposited surface is very slippery, wet floor to become another "culprit ." Our rubber drainage structures using porous transparent type , you can quickly drain and clean water, effective non-slip, or even play a " scavenger" role in the rain and snow , and dust scraped sand drainage in one , the effectiveness of a comprehensive and powerful.
Rubber pad hole by hole-like design , dirty mat can be hidden in the bottom of the body ; using protected from the weather , rain, snow, freezing weather normal play slip, scraping the role of sediment ; riding feeling soft and comfortable ; affixed to good , easy to slip .
Product Description: NBR material. It has a soft, colorful, comfortable and durable, self-extinguishing flammable, and easy to clean. Commonly used in the automotive supplies harness shop. Residential, hotel, theater, shopping malls, buildings, public buildings, etc., can also be used for bathroom anti-slip effect.
Waterproof. Slip is preferred toilet and door trim. For large hotel, the hotel entrance and bathroom better. Welcome decorating company long-term cooperation!

GM0406  rubber mats

 Item No.: GM0405 rubber mat

size: 1524*914*12mm black or red

weight: 8kgs/pc / 9kgs

package: by pallets or in bulk

There are many kinds rubber mat which have door mats,kitchen mats, barthroom mats, office mats, playground mats, rubber mats ect. This rubber mat is anti-slip,anti-fatigue,safty .It is not only to make sure people safe,and the important is offer comfortable working place for standing.


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