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The importance of paving anti-fatigue rubber mats in workshop

Time:2014-02-26 Editor:rubber-mat.net


      Maybe you have a small place , only accommodate 10 persons. Or maybe you have a capacity of 50 or more large venues. No matter the size of your restaurant or bar, you know to keep your employees and your customers' security is that they will continue to come back to you the only way . This means that you need to make sure they do not slip on the floor . One way to do this is to buy our sales slip drain pad.
Another great thing about these mats is that they are 1 /2 "thick , which means they will really protect your employees , and employees will not feel tired or hurt , it is because these are anti-fatigue mats , they will provide your employees an anti-fatigue rubber mat , which means that your employees will not have to stand on the hard cement or tile , you can so they do not get tired , if you pavement our leaking mat, you will not have to worry about any of these issues , and your employees will be able to work longer and harder.
What’s more, the rubber flooring mat is very easy to install and maintain. So we can say it is a really great option for you to use it in kitchens, bathroom or any wet areas.

     With a wide rubber pad can drain in your kitchen , or a perfect thing in your front door . The mat is made of high quality rubber, this rubber mat is sturdy and strong , so you can use for a long time . It also has a hole through this mode will allow the water to drain away easily , to prevent people from slipping. These mats are also good oil resistance , so you can be sure that , even in the kitchen, no one will slip.
The oil-proof rubber mat is made o f NR& SBR,has good resitance to oil.
If you only want cheaper one, we suggest you try black one.
As the raw materials are different. the mainly rubber connect not the same.
The anti-slip and elastic are most of rubber sheet can be easy to achieved.
So colorful one, such as red, green all slight oil-proof which add more nature rubber.
Of course if you want special usage. such as oil-proof, acid and alkali-resistance, anti-flam also can be made, only change the rubber  sheet reactant, such as add Nitrile rubber, EPDM,UV and so on..
Our Rubber Floor mat is safe, we can do many different specifications and colors. While  it is easy to install and clean. We are leading for export more than 12 years. Any inquriy will be pleasure to try.


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