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The function of anti-slip rubber mats in commercial kitchens

Time:2014-03-03 Editor:rubber-mat.net


Commercial hotel kitchen large flow of people and goods, cooks often stop for hours, but also non-stop operation, it is prone to fatigue. Traces of water will wash food hotel kitchen floor wet, the slightest mistake will slip. In order to ensure the safety of chefs, hotel kitchen floor mats laying materials need to have anti-fatigue mats and hotel kitchen mats double features, with a view to cleaning appearance in public health, anti-skid safety, and relieve fatigue standing reached the practical aspects of the effect!
We can produce a wide rubber canteen mat, kitchen floor mat, non-slip mats restaurant, hotel mat, by the quality of the oil NBR do colored plastic, soft and flexible, able to withstand oil, motor oil and other oils immersion and corrosion, is the best choice restaurants, canteens, hotels cooking between.
Description: When both sides of the crop would have cut the traces of the product after processing no smell, can play a very good non-slip effect and she looks beautiful, generous!
Daily cleaning floor restaurant or cafeteria, maintenance is very simple, just wipe with clear water, free waxing, and is widely used in hotels, guesthouses, restaurants; Restaurant.
Waterproof. Slip is preferred toilet and door trim. For large hotel, the hotel entrance and bathroom better. Welcome decorating company long-term cooperation!


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