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New type of roll cow rubber mat

Time:2015-10-17 Editor:rubber-mat.net

  According to customers' feedback and our latest design produced this coil connected edge cow mattress can be customized according to customer demand specifications, the product better Futie ground and the link joint closely, buffer and stampede of stronger resistance, the service life is greatly increased.

Cow mat product features:
This cow mattress is two generation products, generation of products for ordinary dot of bedding, the two generation of products called fiber section dot cow mattress. Second generation fiber section dot cow mattress can be greatly improved cow mattress gum content, add short fiber, improve the tensile strength of the product extension and service life. The dot is used for laying barn cattle bed pigsty, anti-skid, anti oil, easy to clean, welcome by the breeder. Application of pig, horse barn, pens, slide to prevent animal falls, improve milk yield and quality. Pig pad, rubber pad of animal husbandry, cattle cattle are lying on the mattress, mattress, rubber pad with hole.
The use of the product:
1 surface design after special treatment, the friction is increased, the uniform of the raised more to provide security, anti slip capability is further strengthened, with anti fatigue, safety and other functions.
2 hole design conforms to the rules of animal activities, so that animals feel more comfortable.
3 drainage holes can quickly drain, large circular hole is not easy to be all kinds of debris blocked, to maintain smooth drainage. A large number of drainage holes can quickly liquid discharge, prevent slippery fall, keep the floor dry and clean, inhibiting bacteria.
4 surface strip groove, increase the friction with the ground, and can remove sewage, keep dry inside the barn;
5 products have non slip, anti - static, insulation, heat insulation, easy to clean, easy to replace, health, epidemic characteristics;
6 the use of the life of the ordinary cow bed for 2~3 years, the two generation of fiber cow bed for 3~5 years.


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