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Kindergarten outdoor rubber tile mat

Time:2014-02-24 Editor:rubber-mat.net


Kindergarten outdoor rubber tiles mat overcomes the drawback of various hard ground and floor tile, can let the user when walking and activities at the physiological and mental state of safe and comfortable, the foot feels comfortable, relax. Using the product laid sports venue, can not only play a better swimmer skills, also can jump and equipment and other sports may cause harm to human body to a minimum. In the elderly and children's activity laid this product, for the elderly and children, safety have good protection effect. Its biggest characteristic is non-slip, shock absorption, abrasion resistant, antistatic, light does not return, hydrophobic, good weather resistance, anti-aging, long service life.

Kindergarten outdoor rubber tile mat maintenance:

(1) the initial maintenance: the new good ground shop after 4 ~ 5 days can be coated with adhesive, with a broom, mop or wet cleaning cleaning tools.

According to the requirement of the manufacturers, with warm water will be suitable for rubber floor tile of synthetic detergent diluted to thoroughly wash the ground. The variety and dosage of detergent should be appropriate, because the rubber to the soap that contains the elements such as copper, manganese is very sensitive, the ground may be damaged. Cleaning solution should be on the ground to 3 ~ 5 minutes, don't let the solution volatile dry. Then with a hard brush (soft brush can be high-quality steel wool or synthetic pad) electric machines scrub, suck solution, rinse with clear water, absorb moisture, let it dry. As long as the brush water emulsion polishing agent, but should brush too thin and uniform. Than most other rubber floor tile ground material should be smooth, less holes, so there is no need to polishing, soft brush can also be free to choose.

(2) : every day cleaning or treated with oil free dry mop mop; With cold water and wet mop with a very dilute solution of synthetic detergent; Don't wash, to places is off to glazing; If the ground with dirt or spots, can be gently wipe; To remove hard spots available steel wool graze; Nowhere to pedestrians often designated cleaning.

(3) the next day: often spray polymerization polishes and eliminate the mop wipe traces of, but if the wax is very thick, on the previous, don't spray.

(4) on a regular basis: the local surface wax or polishes obvious accumulation, fade, dirt into the ground or surface should be to remove wax on the ground; Use protection rubber ground wax machine according to regular cleaning.

5. Note: avoid solvents and oils, available only dust mop and alkaline detergent. Crude steel wool or synthetic pad, ozone and sunlight can cause the fracture and aging of rubber on the ground, so to avoid to open the door, open the window.


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