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High Quality anti-slip rubber mat

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Qingdao guangneng rubber and plastic chemical co., LTD. Is specialized in Qingdao area of rubber pad, oil boom producers. At present in the field of surface protective material has formed rubber sheet and rubber floor two kinds of main products. The rubber products mainly include anti-static rubber sheet, insulating rubber sheet, wear-resisting rubber sheet; Rubber flooring products mainly include the round float rubber floor, hammer and rubber floor, hammering lines monochromatic rubber floor and so on more than 30 varieties
Supply of household rubber gasket rubber mat grass with a rubber mat porous rubber mat rubber mat (FIG.)
Model: GM0404
Specification: 1000 x1000x15 (MM)
Weight: 9.4 kg
Color: normal color is black, green, blue, red
Industrial floors non-slip rubber mat workshop - GM0402 -based shop floor protective rubber pad Qingdao- energy research and development since 2000 workshop slip rubber mat products, outstanding achievements , marketing in North America , Europe, Australia and other countries . This series of product specifications, superior quality, has become an ideal choice for industrial non-slip mats in the workshop . Features:
Strong and durable anti-slip rubber mats for industrial walkway , long service life. Excellent slip -slip safety performance , the preferred practical non-slip mats . Load resistance , and wear resistance. Choose a variety of thicknesses available on request . 8MM-22MM thickness is optional. Suitable places: used in industrial environments slip shop floor , kitchen, livestock farms , warehousing and other environments.
1 Such operating room floor mats, non-slip pad surface drainage design after special treatment, increased friction were raised even more to provide security protection, anti-skid capability has been further strengthened , with anti- fatigue , security and other functions.
2 . Workshop rubber mats , operating room floor mats, rubber mats drainage holes ergonomic design , feel more comfortable , easier to relieve fatigue, relieve fatigue can be a good front-line workers , making arising due to prolonged standing back , relieve tired legs .
3 . Drainage holes in the operating room floor mats can quickly drain , large circular hole is not easy to be blocked various debris , keeping the drainage flow. Plenty of drainage holes can quickly discharge the liquid to prevent slippery falls, keeping the floor dry and clean , inhibit bacteria.
4 . The operating room floor mats, rubber mats rubber drainage material more durable, easy to wear and staining , repeatedly subjected to cleaning, does not pollute the white ground.


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