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Easy installed cow or horse rubber stable mats

Time:2014-03-14 Editor:rubber-mat.net


Specification: 1830X1220X17/12MM
Weight: 45KG/35KG
Product material: environmental protection rubber powder + mineral filling material;
Product use: all kinds of livestock farms (dairy, stables) softball field (app) in the United States.
Product characteristics: the product has a uniform distribution of spherical surface protrusions, prevent slippery massage role: to strip groove under the surface, to increase the friction with the ground, can promptly eliminate wastewater at the same time, maintain the barn to dry. Products with non-slip, anti-static, cold insulation, heat insulation, easy to clean, easy to replace, the characteristics of the sanitation and epidemic prevention. Products without peculiar smell, pressure on the elasticity, durable.

Easy installed cow or horse rubber stable mats
Dot above, the following groove;
Product density: 1.2 g/cm after
Shaw hardness: A65-70
Breaking strength: 11 mpa
Elongation at failure: 100%
Permanent deformation: 5%
Product material: reclaimed rubber
Product use: the cow Wo Peng, milking hall, delivery room, stables, softball field (forAmerican) etc..
Product performance: spherical protrusions on the surface are uniformly distributed,non slip effect of massage. Under the grooves on the surface of friction with the ground, can timely discharge of sewage remain dry ground. Anti-skid, anti static, heat insulation, easy to clean, easy to replace, anti fatigue, anti epidemic characteristics.Products have no odor, treading is elastic, the service life of 5-7 years.

Product features:
1, to prevent livestock limb hoof diseases, arthritis, skin diseases obviously effect.Using bovine bed rubber pad and the use of the cement ground, wood flooring,livestock skin disease, limb hoof disease, arthritis, arthritis and other diseases was significantly decreased.
2, cattle bed rubber mat laid on the ground, smooth, clean, comfortable, beautiful and generous, good antiskid effect, can avoid to slip, fall, cow down medical expenses,also can reduce the cow out rate, improve milk production, improve economic benefit.
3, multi-function rubber pad itself, elastic and surface of special design, has the effect of health care massage on dairy cows, can avoid the fatigue of long time standingproduced.
4, low input, high return. Cattle bed rubber pad with an anti-corrosion, goodresistance to aging, the service life of 5-7 years.
5, cattle bed rubber pad insulation, cold proof, moisture-proof, expenditure savingmat grass, and convenient installation and use, easy to clean, by the vast numbers ofbreeding farm welcome.


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