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Cow rubber mat!!

Time:2015-11-04 Editor:rubber-mat.net


Our company's latest production of a link to the side of the cow mat, the  mat performance is strong, the use of a long time, the laying is simple, by the vast number of new and old customers.
Name:Cow rubber mat
Size:1830*1220*10mm 28kg/pc $20.00/pc
1830*1220*12mm 34kg/pc $23.00/pc
1830*1220*15mm 41kg/pc $27.00/pc
1830*1220*17mm 46kg/pc $28.00/pc
1830*1500*17mm 32kg/pc $23.00/pc
This Cow rubber mat has many advantages: 
1、antislip, antistatic, easyclean and easy to replace etc.
2、this Cow rubber mat is elastic, so it is durable in use. 
3、this Cow rubber mat is well drained, non-poisonous.
4. Wear resistince ,Resistconce oaging, safety
This Cow rubber mat mainly be used to cowshed,stable and hoggery etc.This Cow rubber mat can protect cattle against fall damage.the most important is the Cow rubber mat can prevent cattle from many skin and foot disease.
It is the best choice for cattle farmers.
Qingdao Guangneng Rubbers & Plastics Chemical Co.,Ltd.specialize in Cow rubber mat and some other rubber products.The quality of our rubber products are reach the standard admitted.Our rubber products sell to all over the world. We will very happy if you can call us to ask some details about our rubber products.We are looking forward to cooperating with you.
Cowshed, ward, delivery room and bovine channe use cow mattress will have  the following effect: 
1.It can prevent livestock limb hoof diseases, joint disease. 
2.The use of cow mattress compared with the use of cement and wooden  floor, it obviously decrese the cattle skin disease, limb hoof disease, arthritis (knee joint,  tarsometatarsal joint) mastitis and other diseases of cow.
3.The ground Paves with cow mattress is very smooth, clean, comfortable  and beautiful. It is with good antiskid effect which can avoid the cow  slips, falls and reduce the cost of medicine expenditure.It is also can  reduce the cow out rate which can improve milk production and economic  benefit. 
4.Cow mattress itself with special design in surface. so It is a health  care massage effect on dairy cows and it can avoid the occurrence of  fatigue long time standing. Low investment, high return. 
5.Cow mattress has the characteristics of good anti corrosion of aging resistance and  service life more than 10 years. 
6.Cow mattress heat insulation, cold, damp proof, can save the mat grass  expenses.
7.It with convenient installation and use, favorable for cleaning  and favored by the vast number of breeding factory.


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