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Anti-slip and Anti-fatigue Rubber Deck Mats

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The work on the sea is high-risk, the decks are exposed to sunshine and sea water, so they are very slippery. When people walk on them, it becomes very risky, injury is common and they bring much harm to the workers. Qingdao Guangneng develop the anti-slip and anti-fatigue rubber deck mats to slove the problems.

model NO: GM0402-A
Size: 3' x 5' x 1/2''
Weight: 8.5kg/pc
Packing: by pallet
color: red, black, green, blue and others
Volume for a 20' container: 1600pcs
Rubber matting is anti-slip, oil-proof and anti-fatigue, well used in workshop, and other public places. We are exporting rubber mats to USA, Australia, UK, Brazil and other countries now.

Grease proof rubber mat,anti-fatigue mats
Hardness 65±7A
Tensile strength 3-7MPA
Elongation 450%
Length 5' or 3'/1524mm
Width 5' or 3'/914mm
Thickness 1/4"/12mm
Color Black,Red ,Green
Usage work-shop , kitchen


1. Our anti-slip rubber deck mats can be used for deck, cabins, engine rooms, kitchen, wharf, etc. The common thickness is 16mm and we have 22mm ones for your choice, too.
2. Our anti-slip rubber deck mats have many good features. They can be used rubber cushions and rubber shock absorber pad, at the same time, they are durable anti-fatigue rubber mats.
2. The following are the good features:
A: The rubber deck mats have good slippery proof effect
B: anti-UV, can be used outdoor for a long period, at least 3-5 years
C: Corrosion resistant, can be used in many bad weathers and environment
D: Resistant to acid and alkali, can be used in many kinds of liquid
E: Wear resistance, long-time service life indoor and outdoor
F: Convenient to lay and clean
G: The mats have connectors and very simple to pave, save labor and time.



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