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Anti-slip Rubber Kitchen Cushion

Time:2014-03-14 Editor:rubber-mat.net


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Professional commercial porous kitchen rubber solution: in the kitchen the groundsafety and antiskid porous hydrophobic anti fatigue rubber cushion for industrial sites, commercial kitchen mats, with improved drainage antiskid, make employee feetto keep clean and dry, reducing the strong safety and reduce staff fatigue function.Beautiful, clean and convenient transportation. Various thickness and size can bechosen
Kindergarten outdoor rubber mat overcomes the drawback of various hard ground and floor tile, can let the user when walking and activities at the physiological and mental state of safe and comfortable, the foot feels comfortable, relax. Using the product laid sports venue, can not only play a better swimmer skills, also can jump and equipment and other sports may cause harm to human body to a minimum. In the elderly and children's activity laid this product, for the elderly and children, safety have good protection effect. Its biggest characteristic is non-slip, shock absorption, abrasion resistant, antistatic, light does not return, hydrophobic, good weather resistance, anti-aging, long service life.
Kindergarten outdoor rubber mat maintenance:
(1) the initial maintenance: the new good ground shop after 4 ~ 5 days can be coated with adhesive, with a broom, mop or wet cleaning cleaning tools.
kitchen rubber cushion rubber kitchen mat
specification number: GM0402
Specification: 914mm*1524mm*12.7mm
Product weight: 9.5KG
Material: natural rubber, polybutadiene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, recycledseries
Use: can be used for kitchen, improve drainage, so that employees keep feet clean and dry, reduce the fatigue of workers, skid resistance and oil resistance effect is good, made of tasteless environmental protection of natural rubber, has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, durable, convenient transportation and otherhydrophobic anti cleaning.
Advantages: compared with the similar products, with environmental protection, no smell, excellent price characteristics.


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