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  Our company----Qingdao Guangneng Rubbers & Plastics Chemical Co., Ltd---- is the professional rubber mat manufacture with many years of sales experience, knowing clients needs, reacting fast to the new requirement, ensuring the quality and delivery time. And most of our products are anti-slip rubber mats. And the most significant feature of rubber mats is anti-slip.
All our products have different patterns on both sides and which makes our rubber mats have double anti-skid effect. GM0402, the I-shaped surface design and the round floating points design on the reverse side has the anti-slip function on the surface as well as the same function on the other side. The other product---GM0404-has the quadrilateral design on the surface and the round floating points design on the back, so the surface design increase the friction between people and the rubber mat and the reverse design enhances the force of friction. Other product-----GM0405、GM0406、GM0407-----also have the same anti-slip function.
GuangNeng anti-slip rubber mats are made of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, with two sides’ patterns, having double anti-skid function, which is the best choice in workshop、plant、warehouse、laboratory、bathroom、rest room、door way、corridor、control room、kitchen、public house、gymnasium. The round hole design makes the rubber mat drain away water quickly and keep the ground dry and clean. What’s more, even the water is left on the ground, as long as people use the rubber mat, they can avoid slips.
Why anti-slip rubber mat is so popular?
There is a very good reason why anti-slip mats are predominantly made out of rubber! This material naturally offers a high coefficient of friction which translates to excellent gripping capabilities. And we take full advantage of these natural qualities and add to them with richly textured designs that work to help inhibit movement and increase slip resistance in slick and wet areas. Perfect for residential, commercial, or industrial settings, our anti-slip mats will help protect guests, customers, and employees from potentially devastating accidents that could result in costly medical bills. Our non-slip mats can be customized. They’re also easy to install and even easier to maintain!
We use both recycled and reclaimed materials when making our mats. Recycled materials, such as those attained from discarded automobile tires, are specially treated to offer added protection against moisture and other abrasive conditions on top of rubber’s already natural resistance to water. By using mats that employ recycled materials you wouldn’t just be inheriting all the strong qualities that make automobile tires so resilient when they’re on the road, but you’d also be buying a product that is environmentally friendly! As we know, rubber offers natural friction but because our anti-slip flooring is often manufactured with raised surface textures, these non-slip mats are designed to be thoroughly efficient.

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