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  Our company----Qingdao Guangneng Rubbers & Plastics Chemical Co., Ltd---- produces many kinds of products with different functions, such as anti-fatigue rubber mat, anti-slip rubber mat, oil-proof rubber mat, weather-resistant rubber mat, anti-acid/alkali rubber mat, heat-insulated rubber mat and so on. Firstly, let’s learn about the ant-fatigue rubber mat.
What is anti-fatigue rubber mat? Anti-fatigue rubber mat is the mat that can be used to lay on the ground to relieve people’s fatigue. Our anti-fatigue rubber mat includes GM0402、GM0404、GM0406、GM0407. They have different designs but they all have a very good anti-fatigue function. GM 0402, the I-shaped surface design has the anti-slip function as well as the anti-fatigue function, especially for people standing up for a long time. GM 0404, the round hole design on the surface have a anti-skid function, at the same the time, it has a tiptop anti-fatigue function and this kind of rubber mat can be the best choice in the kitchen. GM0406, has the hexagon and round hole design on the surface and when people stand up on it, they will feel very comfortable, especially for people working for a long time in the workshop. And the GM0407, its unique octagon design and the soft material plays an important role in reducing people’s fatigue.     
Why do people choose the anti-fatigue rubber mats?
Anti-fatigue rubber mats are a critical component in the manufacturing industry as well as retail establishments. They provide a sturdy, cushioned work station and assist in providing a comfortable atmosphere for the employees. Our rubber mats have textured surfaces that provide stability and prevent slips and falls.

Many of our anti-fatigue mats are round hole and polygon design and which makes the mats have the excellent anti-fatigue rubber mat. Our Anti-Fatigue Mats provide maximum comfort and last longer than any other mat on the market. In keeping with our Green Mat philosophy these mats are made of 15% recycled material.

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